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Weatherstrip Adhesive, Yellow, 3M Brand, 5 Oz. Tube
Model: 3072033
Condition: NEW
For spongy weatherstrips like those used for the trunk. …
3M Super Trim Adhesive Spray
Model: 2034837
Condition: NEW
Super Trim Adhesive, 3M Brand, 19 Oz. Spray Can
Model: 3072035
Condition: NEW
The best adhesive for securing headliners, vinyl tops and hood insulation pads.…
Liquid Electrical Tape, 4oz can
Model: 3072040
Condition: NEW
This Permatex brand liquid electrical tape is the perfect solution to protecting wire connections in those hard to reach, tight places where you can't use electrical tape. This protectant goes on as a liquid and dries to a hard vinyl…
Thread Locker, Permatex, Blue, .20 Oz.
Model: 3072039
Condition: NEW
Quick Release Agent, 14 Oz. Spray Can
Model: 3072038
Condition: NEW
This makes removal of windshield & rear window seals easier by softening or dissolving the old adhesive.…
Vinyl, Trim, and Upholstery Adhesive, 3M Brand, 18.1 Oz. Spray Can
Model: 3072037
Condition: NEW
General trim adhesive for bonding carpeting, jute pads, and fabrics. Good heat & water resistance. …
Instant Bond Adhesive, For Inside Rear View Mirrors, .01 Oz. Packet, 1955-79
Model: 3072036
Condition: NEW
An OEM-specified formula, this is professional strength glue for mounting the inside rear-view mirror bracket to the glass.…
Vinyl Adhesive, 3M Brand, Light Colored, Fast Drying, 5 Oz. Tube
Model: 3072034
Condition: NEW
Light-colored and fast-drying - use as an adhesive and sealer.…
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