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ACP Parking Brake Equalizer Rod 7 5/8" FM-EB005
Model: 3008671
Condition: NEW
Attaches to the end of the parking brake equalizer lever Creates adjustable tension on the parking brake cables when the lever handle is pulled Constructed from steel and zinc plated for long-lasting durability Cut as needed for…
MBM Pro Line 7" Dual Diaphragm Booster PB7537PC
Model: 3463538
Condition: NEW
Powder Coated Black Finish 3-3/8" Bolt Pattern (Firewall Side) 3-3/8 Center to Center Bolt Hole (Master cylinder Side) Uses adjustable pin **Note** These boosters will work on a variety of GM, Ford, Trucks, & Passenger…
$169.99 ea $149.98
ACP Parking Brake Cable Front Assembly FM-EB008D
Model: 3242278
Condition: NEW
Activates the parking brakes and ensures the vehicle stays in place while parkedReplaces a worn or missing Parking Brake Cable to restore original functionality and safetyOEM-Style Direct Fit Replacement…
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Emergency Brake Equalizer Lever Return Spring - 15-1/8 Long C5ZZ-2651
Model: 3126045
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Emergency Brake Equalizer Lever Return Spring -, 15-1/8 Long …
Daniel Carpenter Firewall Seal - For Power Brake Booster Push Rod C5ZZ-2021
Model: 3008471
Condition: NEW
New brake booster rubber boot used on 1960/1971 Galaxie models. This is a precision molded part made in the original injected black rubber. Made in the usa! …
Daniel Carpenter 1965-2004 Ford Mustang Brake Master Cylinder Push Rod Grommet Bushing near Pedal C5DZ-2474
Model: 3148678
Condition: NEW
•Brand New •Fits ANY 1965-2004 Mustang •Exact reproduction of originals made from original blue prints •Installs onto the push rod on the side nearest to the pedal near the brake light sensor •Made from nylon…
Emergency Brake Equalizer Bracket
Model: 3133259
Condition: NEW
Fuel Additive Fuel Fresh
Model: 1030148
Condition: NEW
Fuel Fresh is a gasoline preservative and stabilizer that saves you time, money and worry. Stop the oxidation of gasoline and eliminate the gums and varnishes that form after a petroleum product has been stagnant. Fuel…
Daniel Carpenter Mustang Parking Brake Cable Retaining Clips, 1965-1773 383475-S
Model: 3917860
Condition: NEW
Original Ford Tooling Meets or Exceeds OE Standards Quality Assured Fit and Function …
Ford Mustang Front Emergency Brake Cable - 38-5/8
Model: 3196052
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Front Emergency Brake Cable - 38-5/8 …
$42.99 ea $40.32
Scott Drake 1971-1973 Ford Mustang 67-73 Master Cylinder Cap (Disc Brakes, Chrome) C7AZ-2162-CR
Model: 3008456
Condition: NEW
Now made by Scott Drake. Our caps feature exact letter stamping detail on top. We finished this cap with bright chrome to catch the eye. Rubber diaphragm and chrome bail wire included. …
$35.99 ea $34.24
ACP Parking Brake Link With Spring For 10" Brakes FM-EB004C
Model: 3160590
Condition: NEW
Runs from the brake shoe to the parking brake leverMade from top-grade materials and is a direct fit replacement for easy istallation…
Daniel Carpenter 1965-2004 Mustang Master Cylinder Push Rod Spacers at Brake Light Switch (2) C5DZ-2129
Model: 3171743
Condition: NEW
•Brand New •Fits ANY 1965-2004 Mutang •Sold as a pair, includes two spacers (2 required per car) •Durable nylon plastic insulates the electrical switch. …
Brake & Fuel Line Clip, 1/4 X 3/8, Ford & Mercury 1957-1979
Model: 3008222
Condition: NEW
Combination fuel and brake line clip used on frame rails where both lines run along frame. Use on many models, check your application for quantity. …
Brake Line Clip and Grommet Set, 1964-66 Mustang
Model: 3275789
Condition: NEW
During the restoration of a classic early Ford Mustang, every small detail must be observed to ensure an authentic original appearance as well as intended operations. This front brake line clip and grommet set for 1964.5-1966 Ford Mustangs…
Scott Drake 1967-1968 Ford Mustang 67-68 Parking Brake Handle C7ZZ-2760-B
Model: 3207601
Condition: NEW
High quality injection molded parts, mounting lock pin and allen set screw included. Excellent detail in a reproduction part. Black plastic. New improved metal insert. Thicker than original. Includes original drive pin as well as an allen…
Master Cylinder Filler Cap - Chrome
Model: 3008453
Condition: NEW
We now have a line of original and replacement master cylinder caps. 1960/66 models include gasket. For 1960/61 the original cap had a gold finish. We also offer a chrome version for dress up. …
Leed Brakes 9 inch power brake booster (Zinc) PB01
Model: 4841008
Condition: NEW
Leed Brakes power brake boosters are manufactured and tested to strict quality control standards. This not only insures the highest level of performance, but the best possible finish and appearance for your engine bay. New universal fit 9"…
$322.99 ea $289.23
Ford Mustang Emergency Brake Release Handle - Molded Black Plastic
Model: 4825038
Condition: NEW
  Mounting pin included.   …
Scott Drake 1967-1973 Ford Mustang Master Cylinder Cap Diaphragm (Disc Brake) C7AZ-2167-A
$11.99 ea $10.13
Brake & Fuel Line Clip, 1/4 X 5/16, Ford & Mercury 1957-1979
Model: 3008223
Condition: NEW
Combination fuel and brake line clip used on frame rails where both lines run along frame. Use on many models, check your application for quantity. …
Daniel Carpenter Mustang Master Cylinder Pushrod Boot, Manual Brakes, 1965-1973 OA-2180
Model: 3917859
Condition: NEW
This Master Cylinder Push Rod Boot is an excellent rubber replacement of the original master cylinder push rod boot because it is made using Ford original blueprints which means it will fit and look exactly as the original push rod boot. …
$14.99 ea $12.78
Disc Brake Pad Set
Model: 3008594
Condition: NEW
Set of four front brake pads. Does not include hardware. One set per vehicle. Will fit 67 Ranchero, Fairlane and Falcon models. One set does both sides. Fits 67 Fairlane except for the 427 and Falcon with disc brakes. …
$49.99 st $46.76
Leed Brakes Aluminum Adjustable Proportioning Valve APV02
Model: 4840003
Condition: NEW
Leed Brakes proportioning valves insure the correct brake pressure is provided to each wheel for safe controlled stops. Available in fixed or adjustable and a variety of finishes we have the correct valve to complete your…
$87.99 ea $78.35
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Hose FH105
Model: 3493262
Condition: NEW
69 - 70 Front Flex Hose …
$32.99 ea $30.78
Ford Mustang Rear Emergency Brake Cable - Left - 31-5/8 - V-8
Model: 3253024
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Rear Emergency Brake Cable - Left - 31-5/8 - V-,8 …
Daniel Carpenter E-brake Eq Lever Return Spring Retainer C6OZ-2616
Model: 3179671
Condition: NEW
This quality restoration part will ensure your parking brake is working like it should. …
$5.99 ea $4.50
Ford Mustang Front Emergency Brake Cable - 43-5/8
Model: 3156404
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Front Emergency Brake Cable - 43-5/8 …
$38.99 ea $33.78
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