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Daniel Carpenter Dome Light Lens - White Plastic D1AZ-13783
Model: 3009923
Condition: NEW
Dome lamp lens for Torinos without the maplight/dome lamp combination. This fits the standard dome lamp bezel. 72/79 Torino standard. …
Dome Light Assembly
Model: 3132530
Condition: NEW
  Includes lens, bezel and screws.   …
Dome Light Lens - White Plastic
Model: 3009913
Condition: NEW
This new lens is an excat reproduction of the original round dome lamp lens used on 1961/1965 Falcons, and 1960/1964 Galaxies for all models except fastback, and 1964 four door hardtop. This lens features the original white color and…
Light Bulb - From 3-1-71 - Dome Light
Model: 3168467
Condition: NEW
Light Bulb - From 3-1-71 - Dome Light …
Daniel Carpenter Dome Light Lens - White Plastic C60Z-13783
Model: 3009914
Condition: NEW
Replace your discolored or broken dome lamp lens with our new reproduction. This rectangular lens is correct for 1966/1971 (6/1/71) Fairlanes and Torinos and 1969/1970 Galaxies features the original white plastic color. …
Daniel Carpenter Dome Light Bezel - Chrome Plated Plastic C0AF-13788
Model: 3009915
Condition: NEW
Dearborn classics offers new chrome plated dome lamp bezels for 1961/1965 Falcons and 1960/1964 Galaxies used on all models except fastback, and 1964 four door hardtop. This part is made to match the original part exactly. …
Dome Light Bezel - Chrome
Model: 3009916
Condition: NEW
This high quality part is injection molded and vacuum metalized for a perfect chrome finish. Fits 1966/1971 (6/1/71) Fairlanes and Torinos, 1966/1970 Falcons, and 1969 through 1971 Galaxies (6/1/71). …
Ford Thunderbird Interior Pillar Light Assembly, Chrome With White Plastic Lens, On Roof Pillar, 1964-71
Model: 3072921
Condition: NEW
Fits all body styles in 1964 & 1965, and only the 2-door hardtop coupe (body style 63A) in 1966. …
$113.99 ea $83.76
Dome Light Bezel - Rectangular - Chrome
Model: 3009925
Condition: NEW
Factory original and reproduction dome lamp lenses for Ranchero, Torino, Falcon, and Fairlane. …
$46.99 ea $28.72
Oracle Lighting T10 5 LED 3 Chip SMD Bulbs, Cool White, Pair 4801-001
Model: 3022737
Condition: NEW
ORACLE Interior LED Replacement Bulbs are designed with quality and ease-of use in mind. We maintain the factory bulb specifications so that we can insure that the LED bulb installs as easy as the factory bulb that you remove.Our…
$24.99 ea $22.45
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Dash Map Light Lens - White Plastic D1ZZ-13734
Model: 3238377
Condition: NEW
The map light was an option in 1971-73. …
$18.99 ea $16.92
United Pacific Traffic Light Viewer With Suction Cup Mount A5168
Model: 3128664
Condition: NEW
Product Overview This is a safety device for the vehicles equipped with lower sun visor. Suction cup mounting design. …
$13.99 ea $11.05
Daniel Carpenter Glove Box Light Switch - Plunger-type Switch With Wiring Pigtail & Bulb C3AZ-14413
Model: 3139497
Condition: NEW
Glove Box Light Switch - Plunger-type Switch With Wiring Pig,tail & Bulb …
Scott Drake 1965-1967 Ford Mustang Courtesy Light Switch, White, Pair C3AZ-13713-AK
Model: 3268949
Condition: NEW
This replacement switch is an exact reproduction of the white finish used on the original Ford part. Sold as a pair. Features:Exact Reproduction of Original Ford PartFactory White Color Finish …
Ford Mustang Courtesy Light Switch - 3 Pins - Plastic Switch - Left Door
Model: 3165894
Condition: NEW
  This plastic socket is used to hold the wire terminal ends firmly in place on the switch and is almost always brittle or broken when you go to replace it. Installation is simple; carefully break apart the old socket with pliers…
Courtesy Light Switch - For 7/8 Mounting Hole - Front Doors
Model: 3127686
Condition: NEW
Courtesy Light Switch - For 7/8 Mounting Hole - Front Doors …
Scott Drake 1967-1970 Ford Mustang Dome Lamp Lens C0AF-13783-C
Model: 3937605
Condition: NEW
High quality injection molded parts, exactly like the originals. Lens is milk white, housing is chromed plastic. …
Light Lens
Model: 3009918
Condition: NEW
This particular lens fits many models of Galaxie from 1963/1969. Used in both the courtesy lights on 62/64 models as well as the pillar lens in 1965/1969 models. This opaque white plastic lens is made to original specifications for an…
Scott Drake 1964-1968 Ford Mustang Glove Box Lamp C5ZZ-14413-A
Model: 3934818
Condition: NEW
Correct wire pigtail. Bulb included. …
Scott Drake 1965-1967 Ford Mustang Courtesy Light Switches, Chrome, Pair C3AZ-13713-ACK
Model: 3251270
Condition: NEW
This replacement switch is an exact reproduction in an all-new chrome finish. Sold as a pair. Features:Exact Reproduction of Original Ford PartBright Chrome Finish …
Ford Thunderbird Courtesy Light Lens, Repro, On Roof Pillar, White Plastic, 2-Door Hardtop Coupe, 1966
Model: 3072904
Condition: NEW
For the 2-door hardtop coupe (body style 63A) only. …
Light Bulb - Side Marker Light - On Rear Quarter
Model: 3150542
Condition: NEW
Light Bulb - Side Marker Light - On Rear Quarter …
Scott Drake 1969-1970 Ford Mustang Deluxe Door Light Assembly (Pair) C9WY-13776-7-A
Model: 3009935
Condition: NEW
Our new deluxe door lights are fantastic! We created all new tooling to produce a great reproduction. These lights feature beautiful chrome bezels and bright white lenses. Mounting hardware is included. …
Dennis Carpenter Dome Light Bezel - 1963-64 Ford Car   C3AZ-13788-B
Model: 3009922
Condition: NEW
Features:• For C3Az-13783-B Lens 2 Per Car …
Dennis Carpenter Dome Light Lens - 1963-64 Ford Car   C3AZ-13783-B
Model: 3009917
Condition: NEW
Features:• Fastback #57 & 63 2 Per Car …
Courtesy Light Bracket - Mounts Under The Dash
Model: 3009932
Condition: NEW
This is the small metal bracket and reflector assembly that your dash courtesy lights mount in. Teardrop in shape, with an appoximate opening of 13/16 inch. This lamp bracket will fit the following applications: 60/64 Galaxie body code 76…
Scott Drake 1967-1968 Ford Mustang 67-8 Map Light Switch Assembly C7ZZ-13764-KIT
Model: 3191190
Condition: NEW
Scott Drake has assembled a set of modern switches into his reproduction map light housing to make a easy replacement of old switches. Works as good as it looks. …
Scott Drake Dome Lamp Assembly C0AF-13A719-B
Model: 3009928
Condition: NEW
Our dome light assembly is designed to replace the original dome light in a 1967-70 Mustang coupe. We made a bright chrome base with a brighter than original bulb to really improve lighting inside the car. We include instructions on how to…
Billet Aluminum Rectangular Interior Light With White Lens
Model: 3009936
Condition: NEW
Designed for use in door panels, consoles and headliners billet interior and door lights provide ample light. Product features machined from 6061-t6 billet aluminum, mirror polished billet bezel and easy installation. Dimensions: 1-1/4H x…
Roof Sail Panel Courtesy Light - Chrome With White Plastic Lens
Model: 3009927
Condition: NEW
This is the correct interior pillar light assembly used on 1965/1967 Galaxie hardtop models. This complete assembly includes the opaque white plastic lens, chrome bezel, and wiring harness. This Lens Assembly Is Correct For 63 Body Code…
Ford Mustang Pillar Light Assembly - Fastback
Model: 3204203
Condition: NEW
  Mounts on pillar.   …
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