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Why buy Canadian?

  1. Canadian Owned and Operated: We are a Proud Canadian Company, supporting the Canadian economy, and hiring Canadian staff.  Buying from Mustang Depot keeps your hard earned dollars in Canada and helps support people within your Country, and ultimately boosts the Canadian economy.  This is a win-win situation for everybody.
  2. Exchange Rate: All products on our site are listed in Canadian funds.  When you purchase from the United states, your credit card is charged in US funds, and then your financial institution converts the charge to Canadian at the prevailing bank rate.  As well almost 90 per cent of credit cards apply a 2.5 per cent foreign exchange (forex) fee after the original U.S. dollar transaction is converted into Canadian funds.
  3. Brokerage Fees: All products purchased from Mustang Depot are shipped from Canada.  There will not be any brokerage fees charged on your order from Mustang Depot or the shipping company.  Furthermore, when purchasing from the US, you may receive multiple brokerage charges if the company sends your order in separate shipments.  

    When you ship something to Canada, you're essentially hiring someone (the shipping company) to represent you to bring goods across the border. The brokerage fees are usually a percentage of the shipment's value or a minimum fee. It's much like a handling fee; and what a broker will do is fill in the appropriate paperwork, often just a single form stating the package's content and value, and send it and the appropriate duty and taxes to the government. When you ship something by air, there usually isn't a separate brokerage brokerage fee, it's included in the base charge. Shipping by air is generally more expensive.

    Listed below are the current posted UPS Brokerage charges for goods destined for Canada.  UPS will typically not release goods into Canada unless the fees are paid in advance.

    Additional fees include: COD Fee of $4.25, Additional Classification Lines (after the first 5 lines) Fee of $4.50 per line.

    Fedex does not post their brokerage fees online, however we were able to source a chart from March of 2004 and it is shown below.  These are not up to date rates, but can give you an idea of what you will have to pay for your orders being shipped via Fedex from the United States.

  4. Duties: All products purchased from Mustang Depot do not have any additional duty charges.  Currently, only items manufactured in Canada, United States or Mexico are duty free.  Items that are manufactured anywhere else are subject to duties and are typically charged by the shipping company at the time the order is being cleared to enter Canada.  Even though the goods are being shipped from the United States, they are still subject to duties.  Some example rates of duty are provided below:

    Automobile Parts: 6% of purchase price.
    T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and other Apparel: 18% of purchase price.
    Hats: 12.5% of purchase price.
  5. Returns: Having an issue with your product? Need to return a core? No longer require the part you ordered?  We are located in Windsor, Ontario and you are able to ship any returns to us in Canada.  When returning an item to the United States, pages of paperwork need to be filled out, and many times US companies will not accept returns from Canadian customers.  Shipping rates to the United States can be very high, sometimes double to triple the rate of shipping within Canada.
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