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Can Gun - 1 Spray Can Trigger Tool
Model: 3130230
Condition: NEW
Easily snaps onto any standard aerosol spray can. The pistol grip transforms the aerosol can into a spray gun, offering excellent control and effortless continual spraying. It can be used with any aerosol product including paint…
Scott Drake 1964-66 Mustang Wiper Bezel Stem Nut Tool T-110-RD
Model: 3009536
Condition: NEW
This dedicated tool is made from solid billet aluminum with a red anodized finish. Designed to insert into wiper bezel stem nut used for assembly or disassembly without damaging nut. Our design allows for the use of a 7/8 or 22mm wrench if…
Beaded Tip Windshield Tool
Model: 3072327
Condition: NEW
Used to adjust seal edges without puncturing or tearing, clean trim & glass grooves or access hard to reach places.…
Hook Tool, Multi-Purpose
Model: 3072315
Condition: NEW
This is used to install windshield & rear window weatherstripping. You'll also find numerous others uses, such as removing stubborn moulding clips & cotter pins. USA made.…
Windshield Setting Tool, Nylon
Model: 3072308
Condition: NEW
Made of a durable nylon material, with a flat chisel-end & a rounded end for inserting seals. It will not scratch or chip glass.…
Scott Drake 1967-68 Mustang Ignition Switch Bezel Tool T-100-YL
Model: 3072330
Condition: NEW
This dedicated tool is made from solid billet aluminum with a yellow anodized finish. Designed for removal and installation of 1967-68 Mustang ignition bezels without scratches caused by using a screwdriver. Our design allows for the use…
Teflon Tape, 3/4 Wide X 520 Total Length
Model: 3072332
Condition: NEW
For use on threaded fittings like those on oil pressure and water temperature senders.…
Ford Thunderbird Ignition Switch & Bezel Tool, 1965-66
Model: 3072329
Condition: NEW
The three pins grip into the three slots on the bezel making removal easy.…
Lug Nut Protectors - Nylon - Two Sizes
Model: 3161218
Condition: NEW
Made Of High-Impact Nylon Fits Inside Wrench Or Airgun Eliminates Possibility Of Damaging Bolts Includes 3/4" & 13/16" Sizes Uses 7/8" & 15/16" Sockets Keep those chrome & stainless wheel lug nuts looking like new! Made of…
Battery Terminal Cleaner - For Top Post Batteries
Model: 3135155
Condition: NEW
Battery Terminal Cleaning Tool Easily Cleans Dirt & Corrosion From Battery Terminals Also Used For Cleaning Battery Cable Ends Solid Construction For Years Of Use A Must Have For Any Well-Equipped Tool Box! This handy tool is…
Clutch Alignment Tool - 10 Spline - 15/16 Diameter - 170 6 Cylinder
Model: 3130898
Condition: NEW
Made to assist in lining up the clutch disc with the pilot bushing. …
Battery Terminal Puller - Top Post Style
Model: 3130699
Condition: NEW
Makes pulling your battery cables off quick & easy. …
Bulk Gasket Material - Cork and Rubber Composite - 10 x 26 Sheet - 1/16 Thick
Model: 3130402
Condition: NEW
For those situations where no gasket is available, we have 10" x 26" bulk gasket sheets so you can cut your own. A high quality cork and rubber composite, they will work in any number of situations. Also available in 1/8" thickness. …
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