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Welder's Handbook
Model: 3071506
Condition: NEW
By Richard Finch. The complete guide to MIG, TIG, oxyacetylene, & arc welding. Weld like the pros! Sections include brazing, cutting, soldering, plasma cutting master materials like mild steel, aluminum, chrome-moly, magnesium, and…
$53.99 ea $34.22
Metal Fabricator's Handbook
Model: 3071502
Condition: NEW
By Ron & Sue Fornier. Over 350 step-by-step photos & instructions that teach proper welding, metal shaping and design techniques for bodywork, fuel & oil tanks and exhaust headers. 175 Pages.…
Sheet Metal Handbook
Model: 3071501
Condition: NEW
By Ron & Sue Fornier. 144 pages show you how to form & shape sheetmetal using hammer forming and riveting as well as layout design & pattern-making.…
How To Build Ford RestroMod Street Machines Book
Model: 3071528
Condition: NEW
144 Pages W Blac & White Photos The styling of Ford's muscle and pony cars of the 1960s and 1970s is amazing, but their performance in some areas just isn't up to date. So what do you do if you want the classic look of a vintage Mustang…
Custom Auto Interiors
Model: 3071517
Condition: NEW
By Don Taylor & Ron The Stitcher Mangus. Begins with showing how proper planning & design are a large part of the process. It covers making patterns, fabricating door panels & armrests & applying upholstery to every part of your interior…
Thunder Road Electrical Guide
Model: 3071512
Condition: NEW
by Bill Sinclair, 137 pages with 101 black & white photos plus numerous charts & illustrations. A basic introductory guide on 6 to 12 volt conversions for owners of rods, customs, antiques & racing vehicles, it covers fuse panels, relays…
Engine Builder's Handbook
Model: 3071511
Condition: NEW
By Tom Monroe. A complete illustrated guide to professional blueprinting and assembly techniques. Written for the serious enthusiast or the professional. 169 pages.…
How To Rebuild Ford V8 Engines
Model: 3071509
Condition: NEW
This manual accurately details all of the steps in the rebuilding of 351C, 351M, 400, 429 & 460 engines. All information is organized in an easy one-step-at-a-time format. Soft cover, with 160 pages, 560 photos and drawings.…
How To Build A Traditional Ford Hot Rod, 160 Pages
Model: 3071508
Condition: NEW
By Mike Bishop & Vern Tardel, this book take you though all the steps, from planning the project, acquiring the parts to get the correct look, to finding the space, time & outside services necessary to complete your project. More than 275…
Auto Upholstery & Interiors
Model: 3071500
Condition: NEW
By Bruce Caldwell. A basic do-it-yourself guide to repairing, replacing, or customizing auto interiors. Written expressly for the home enthusiast. 136 pages.…
Automotive Electrical Handbook
Model: 3071495
Condition: NEW
By Jim Horner. Complete guide to automotive wiring. Covers terminology, troubleshooting, 6 to 12 volt conversion and system designing. Includes a glossary of terms & symbols. 160 pages.…
Rochester Carburetors
Model: 3071493
Condition: NEW
176 pages. 650 illustrations. This book thoroughly explains theory, service & performance techniques. It also gives detailed information on performance modifications. A great tool for rebuilding Rochester carburetors.…
How To Rebuild Ford Differentials, 8.8 & 9-Inch
Model: 3071492
Condition: NEW
The First Book Dedicated To The 8.8 & 9 Inch Differentials Step-By-Step Rebuild & Gear Ratio Change Information Covers Factory Assemblies & Most Popular Aftermarket Units As Well The Ford 8.8 & 9 Inch rear differentials are two of the most…
Automotive Electrical Handbook - 160 Pages
Model: 3008124
Condition: NEW
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