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Precision Headliner Tool PRP 0066
Model: 2030800
Condition: NEW
The headliner tool is specifically designed for the installation of headliners. The shape allows you to push vinyl headliners with the unique shape and design.Headliner Insert Tool…
Can Gun - 1 Spray Can Trigger Tool
Model: 3130230
Condition: NEW
Easily snaps onto any standard aerosol spray can. The pistol grip transforms the aerosol can into a spray gun, offering excellent control and effortless continual spraying. It can be used with any aerosol product including paint…
$18.99 ea $16.54
Scott Drake 64-5 EXT WIPER BEZEL TOOL T-120-BL
Model: 3072281
Condition: NEW
$30.99 ea $26.99
Window Handle Removing Tool
Model: 2034950
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Window Removing Tool For Your Chevy Keeps Nova Door Panels From Being Torn While Removing Handle …
Classic Headquarters Window and Door Handle Removal Tool W-312
Model: 4019151
Condition: NEW
Designed to work for in the restoration of a wide range of classic General Motors vehicles, this handy stamped steel tool removes interior door handle and manual window cranks with ease. Effective for use universally on General…
OER Upholstery Installation Kit with Heavy Duty Pliers and Hog Rings *K10010
Model: 1004374
Condition: NEW
This quality upholstery installation kit includes 60 hog rings and professional style heavy duty pliers. Total of 60 hog rings come in each kit to be applied as needed, more hog rings are available for purchase separately but 60 hog…
Brake Pressure Bleeder, Dual Master Cylinder
Model: 3103435
Condition: NEW
Bleeds Brakes Like The Professionals Pressurizes Brake Fluid So All Trapped Air Is Forced From System Will Fit Master Cylinder Openings Up To 4" x 6.5" Do It Yourself-No Helpers Required This Chevy brake master cylinder…
Electrical Connector Separator
Model: 3102204
Condition: NEW
Quickly disconnects electrical connectors without damage The tool tip is double-ended to fit different access angles Works on weather pack and other automotive electrical connectors …
Door Handle And Window Crank C Clip Tool, 1955-66
Model: 3072294
Condition: NEW
This is used to remove door & window crank handles. Just slip it between the handle & door panel it will release the C clip. …
Windshield Setting Tool, Nylon
Model: 3072308
Condition: NEW
Made of a durable nylon material, with a flat chisel-end & a rounded end for inserting seals. It will not scratch or chip glass. …
Ridetech CoilOver Spanner Wrench 85000000
Model: 3430326
Condition: NEW
If you own RideTech CoilOvers, get one of these spanner wrenches for adjusting spring preload and therefore ride height. The spanner wrench loosens and tightens coil spring retainer nut. Our CoilOver spanner wrench is easy to use and takes…
Hog Ring Pliers
Model: 3009451
Condition: NEW
This is an entry level hog ring plier kit with pliers and rings. If you would desire a higher quality kit, order part number hrp100b. …
Lug Nut Protectors - Nylon - Two Sizes
Model: 3161218
Condition: NEW
    Made Of High-Impact Nylon Fits Inside Wrench Or Airgun Eliminates Possibility Of Damaging Bolts Includes 3/4" & 13/16" Sizes Uses 7/8" & 15/16" Sockets   Keep those chrome & stainless…
United Pacific Vintage Flashlight Holder w/Roller-Action Grip, Grey C5012G
Model: 3134042
Condition: NEW
Product Overview Tightly holds flashlight within easy reach. Grey hammertone finish. Fits up to 1-7/8" diameter steering columns. Flashlight sold separately, item # c5013. …
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang Molding Remover T-87800
Model: 3009428
Condition: NEW
Great for windshield and rear window moldings. Stamped steel with red coated handle. Features:Great For Windshield And Rear Window MoldingsStamped Steel w/Red Coated Handle Holley Performance Emission Code 6: Vehicle emissions regulations…
Beaded Tip Windshield Tool
Model: 3072327
Condition: NEW
Used to adjust seal edges without puncturing or tearing, clean trim & glass grooves or access hard to reach places.…
Hook Tool, Multi-Purpose
Model: 3072315
Condition: NEW
This is used to install windshield & rear window weatherstripping. You'll also find numerous others uses, such as removing stubborn moulding clips & cotter pins. USA made.…
Clutch Alignment Tool - 10 Spline - 15/16 Diameter - 170 6 Cylinder
Model: 3130898
Condition: NEW
  Made to assist in lining up the clutch disc with the pilot bushing.   …
Teflon Tape, 3/4 Wide X 520 Total Length
Model: 3072332
Condition: NEW
For use on threaded fittings like those on oil pressure and water temperature senders.…
Ford Thunderbird Ignition Switch & Bezel Tool, 1965-66
Model: 3072329
Condition: NEW
The three pins grip into the three slots on the bezel making removal easy.…
Stud Installation and Removal Tool, Extractor
Model: 3072303
Condition: NEW
For those rusted-in, corroded and hard to remove exhaust studs.…
Door Panel Removal Tool Set, 5 Pieces
Model: 3072300
Condition: NEW
Headliner Installation Tool, Wood Handle, Deluxe Pro Version
Model: 3072298
Condition: NEW
The deluxe model with a wooden handle, just like the professionals use. …
Suction Gun, For Changing Differential Oil
Model: 3072283
Condition: NEW
Incredibly useful for removing old fluids from transmissions, differentials, and other places that are normally difficult to drain.…
Seal Puller, Universal, Two Tip Sizes Fit Almost All Applications
Model: 3072282
Condition: NEW
Universal, two tip sizes fit almost all applications. Place one of the tips behind seal, press & pull.…
Permatex Gasket Remover, 4 Oz. Spray Can With Built-In Brush
Model: 3072277
Condition: NEW
Quickly removes all types of baked-on gaskets, adhesives and sealants.…
Piston Ring Compressor, 2-1/8 Up To 5 Bore
Model: 3072273
Condition: NEW
Permatex Valve Grinding Compound, 1.5 Oz. Tube
Model: 3072272
Condition: NEW
For hand & machine grinding.…
Permatex Prussian Blue, .75 Oz. Tube
Model: 3072271
Condition: NEW
One package usually does one car. For precision fitting of valves, gears, bearings and other machined surfaces.…
Plastigage, Range .002-.006, Red
Model: 3072270
Condition: NEW
Check your bearing clearances the easy way. One package is usually enough to do one complete car.…
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